We are two friends who started doing craft and medieval markets in our region, Catalonia. It was 2010.


In the Medieval Market of Vic, our city, of that year we started to sell some medieval items such as swords, shields, bows, etc ... Taking advantage of the family experience with garment workshops, we soon added clothing product designed and created by us .






it followed a few years around most medieval markets in Spain and France... introducing new items and taking advantage of the experience on the street and direct contact with the end customer to improve our products. 


As time was passing out, the concept of own brand was gaining strength ... Kalid Medieval began its way to become one of the benchmarks in the world of medieval toys.

Today we have our own teams of vendors who sell or have sold our brand in almost all medieval markets in Catalonia, and in many other markets in the rest of Spain, France, Italy, UK, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and even the United States.

Medieval Market - Vic 2012

Medieval Market – Castelló d’Empúries 2015

Medieval Market Tewksbury England - 2017




Often when we participated in a medieval market, we entered the shop of the village or town where they sold shields and swords and offered them our products. Many times we achieved the goal of doing wholesale. This pushed us from 2013 to look for more retailers and then we started participating in international fairs and exhibitions:


From the first international fair we discovered the good reception of our products, and we saw the possibilities that we had in a market where the castles, museums, parks, etc ... look for products that we can offer them. We could not imagine that we would sell in the park of the history of France PuyduFou, in the Château Comtal of Carcassonne, in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, etc ...



Spain: Intergift – Madrid

France: Maison&Objet – Paris

UK: Spring fair – Birmingham

Germany: Spielwarenmesse – Nuremberg




And here we are. Celebrating 10 years of history having sold to markets and shops of castles, museums, amusement parks, shops of medieval villages, toys and costumes shops and online shops in more than 20 countries around the world.

If you don't know us, we invite you to discover Kàlid Medieval !!! And if you are already a customer, we thank you and are happy to introduce you to our website.

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